The NAOSIPUK project has been possible thanks to the funding and collaboration of different institutions:

The European Commission by means of the Marie Curie actions with a FP7-PEOPLE-2013-IEF fellowship.

Ref: PIEF-GA-2013-623027.

The Spanish Government funds the study of El Padul site: MINECO Ref: CGL2013-47038-R, and OAPN Project 087/2007 (visit the video summary).

The Andalusian Government funds the study of different lakes and high altitude bogs in Sierra Nevada (Spain): Junta de Andalucía Ref: P11-RNM-7332.

Specific compound extractions and their analyses were carried out at the Biomarkers for Environmental and Climate Science (BECS) laboratory (University of Glasgow).

Isotopic analyses of bulk sediments were carried out at the Laboratorio de Biogeoquímica de Isótopos Estables (Instituto Andaluz de Ciencias de la Tierra; CSIC) and at the Centro de Instrumentación Científica (University of Granada).

The sedimentary records from Spain were retrieved by R.S. Anderson (University of North Arizona), G. Jiménez Moreno (University of Granada), A. García-Alix (University of Glasgow), J. Jaimez (University of Granada), F.J. Jiménez Espejo (JAMSTEC) and M.J. Ramos (University of Granada).

The sedimentary records from UK were collected by J. Toney (University of Glasgow), K. Roberts (University of Glasgow), A. García-Alix (University of Glasgow), B. Cavazzin (University of Glasgow), and R. Salmon (University of Glasgow).

The NAOSIPUK project could not have been developed without the help of all these organizations and people.

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